Christopher Paul

is the man behind the lens at The Money Shot Photography. From early childhood, Christopher was accustomed to travel and photography, with both parents and Grandmother insisting on always being armed with at least a disposable camera. In his early teens he acquired a basic digital canon camera, and from then on became loosely responsible for capturing events within his extended group of close friends.

After moving to Melbourne in 2010, he was given the opportunity to work for the largest nightlife photograph company in Australia, and work alongside Jeremy Tenant. Jeremy became a close friend and greatly assisted Christopher in learning and growing more technical photography skills/techniques. Christopher spent 3 years in the Melbourne nightlife scene becoming one of the main club photographers in the city, occasionally shooting 3-4 venues in a night.

Christopher has experience in real estate photography as well as promotional campaign work for companies like Fitline and Loreal. Christopher has explored new possibilities and experimented with cityscape photography which would see him scaling tall city buildings to see things from a unique perspective.

Christopher moved to Bali in mid 2015 in order to focus entirely on his photography, and has begun to explore a desire for concept portraiture and fashion photography. Since making the move to Bali, he has continued to develop on various photography projects/styles and hopes to continue focusing on fashion photography, both commercial and editorial.

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